Cooperton Champions Cybersecurity Awareness at the University of Puerto Rico

The 2024 Cooperton Conference Series has once again made a significant impact in the academic sphere, this time at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Invited by the Information and Statistics Systems Association and its dynamic leadership, Cooperton was honored to deliver an educational conference focused on Cybersecurity, Phishing, and Forensics.

It was a privilege for Cooperton to engage with the students and future leaders in information technology at the University of Puerto Rico. Participants gained invaluable insights into the latest cybersecurity threats, trends, and strategies necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The interactive sessions, enriched by the students’ real-life experiences, added a vibrant and dynamic aspect to the conference.

Cooperton reiterates its dedication to supporting the next generation of technology enthusiasts, with a strong passion for cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, coding, and various computer sciences. The University of Puerto Rico is notably encouraging broader participation in coding and technology, with a special focus on empowering students and women in these fields.

Chief Operating Officer Mr. William Bonaparte led the conference, providing attendees with real-world scenarios of cyber-attacks and fostering an environment of active participation and learning. The enthusiasm from students for more information on technology trends was palpable, with many expressing interest in Cooperton’s academic internships for 2024. We are now welcoming applications for these positions and encourage all interested students to apply at Cooperton Summer Internship Program.

“Providing educational conferences to both students and clients is an honor,” says Mr. Bonaparte. “These events strengthen their understanding of technology and cybersecurity, enabling us to collaboratively safeguard digital assets.”

About Cooperton: Cooperton stands as a beacon in the cybersecurity domain, offering the certifications, knowledge, skills, and resources essential for delivering cutting-edge technology strategies and IT solutions. Our commitment to assisting clients in achieving their transformation goals is unwavering, with a focus on providing innovative, secure solutions that enhance productivity and growth. Through a collaborative and transparent development process, we ensure client involvement at every step, guaranteeing that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

As a comprehensive partner for cybersecurity services, project management, technology development, custom software, support, maintenance, and staff augmentation, Cooperton thrives on its agile project management approach. Our dedication to staying abreast of the latest industry trends and advancements means we continually exceed customer expectations, leveraging the latest technologies to create bespoke solutions for your organization. For more information or to arrange a conference or consultation, contact us.

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