Cooperton Secures Network and Security for New Nor East Medical Center

Centro Médico del Noreste (Fajardo Integrated Medical Center LLC), owners of the new Nor East Medical Center, have chosen Cooperton as their Network and Security Management & Support Service Provider. We are honored to have been selected to safeguard the new hospital network system.

The hospital has invested over $10 million in renovations and cutting-edge technology. The Fajardo Hospital features over 200 beds, including a hotel to accommodate patients’ companions during their stay.

Operating 24/7 under the leadership of Dr. Sara López Martín and a dedicated team of doctors, the hospital boasts new equipment in the Radiology Department, including an X-ray machine, sonography, and CT scan. Additionally, the Clinical Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and machinery, enhancing the hospital’s medical offerings.

The northeastern part of the island, including the archipelago of Puerto Rico and the islands of Vieques and Culebra, is deeply grateful to the new hospital owners for their significant investment in providing healthcare to nearby communities.

About Cooperton:

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